BOSs Australia Services Pty Ltd has been working with the Australian and New Zealand Collision industry since January 2003 . During this time we have seen incredible amounts of change to the collision industry – Change is inevitable and we are constantly designing new process for body shop management linked to our state of the art software system to delivery industry best profit and cultural results 

A core to our process is people and the roles your staff play in everyday situations that have bottomline positive and sometimes negative effects to your profit . Our role is to design a disciplined process that staff follow and are a part of each and every day , this role can be measured , coached and improved to ensure your collision business is moving forward.

We have also expanded into the USA collision industry mid 2018 with a full set of key performance indicators local to this market place that are helping many body shop owners and managers initiate improvements to their business that are assisting with better margins , staff retention and better insurance brand relations 

Our Team are on a mission to assist independent body shop owners around the world design and employ strategic change throughout their business’s that include staff cultural growth. Using the latest in software reporting and planning tools build into ON Trak our consultants will assist and direct your team to best practice process to deliver profitable outcomes to owners and stake holders alike 

We also assist with business image programs such as website design and hosting , work provider contracts with manufactures repair programs and insurance brands agreements in Australia , New Zealand , USA and the UAE with an 85% score for closed work provision contracts for our clients.


The BOSs OnTrak group page is private Facebook page of invitation only designed for like minded collision repair business owners , managers and staff to share their industry thoughts and knowledge in a safe place , 

*Our Mission*
Is To Educate and Motivate Highly Skilled and Ambitious Business Owners Who Can Lead Their Organisations Effectively , Responsibly and Profitably using world best software applications and personal development programs.
Our Values are to share and transfer our collective skill sets in a professional , long lasting , and respectful manner with our clients to pave the way for a prosperous and fruitful future for all parties







Mid 2016 we launched the latest in planning and scheduling systems to the market with the cloud based scheduling system called ON Trak and in 2019 we linked ON Trak to our KPI reporting tool essentially creating the most in depth reporting analytic tool to the market place in one easy to view location on your computer or any web device 

Site managers and estimators will now have the freedom to view future booking values and volumes, again from any location in the world, via their cloud based booking program.

All this linked to OnTRAK KPI reporting program will make BOSS the  most powerful booking and reporting program in the market place.

For further information relating to the program and our consultancy products please contact us via the “contact us “ feature on this website.


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