About Us

BOSs Australia Services Pty Ltd ( BOSs ) has been servicing the smash repairs Industry for over 16 years. Our aim is to bring our clients best practice consulting and business management services that provide strong and fruitful results to our client base. We work with repair facilities across in Australia and overseas to provide new and up to date and best practice techniques that have a strong impact on profitability but not at the cost of the works provider.

Though our coaching and mentoring services, our On Trak Benchmarking system, and our KPI management program, BOSs Australia Services ensures that our clients achieve best practice profit outcomes for their repair facilities. We use live feed data information to mentor key personnel in making key critical business decisions.

We also hold strong relationships with local and overseas insurance brands that support and admire our programs and methods.

BOSs Australia Services have created several industry first programs and systems that are constantly being refined on site with key industry partner’s .

Alan Shotton , CEO  and founder of BOSs has an industry back ground along with certification in finance and accountancy within the smash repair industry


The BOSs OnTrak group page is private Facebook page of invitation only designed for like minded collision repair business owners , managers and staff to share their industry thoughts and knowledge in a safe place.

*Our Mission*
Is To Educate and Motivate Highly Skilled and Ambitious Business Owners Who Can Lead Their Organisations Effectively , Responsibly and Profitably using world best software applications and personal development programs.
Our Values are to share and transfer our collective skill sets in a professional , long lasting , and respectful manner with our clients to pave the way for a prosperous and fruitful future for all parties


Special Credits

Alan Shotton         – Concept Design – CEO BOSs Australia Services Pty Ltd

Kristy Baptista      – ON Trak Director & On Trak Marketing Director

Chris Low             – ON Trak Analyst / Programmer / Lead Software Designer

Allan Hassett        – Website Design Specialist