ESP is a flexible approach to planning and allocating workloads to technicians. Technicians can use electronic reporting to measure how labor performance targets have been achieved over a set period of time.

Allocation of workloads can be done with either computerised generated tickets to a planning board or via touch screens mounted though out the workshop.

Each technician can check their performance via portals that show their achieved hours of sales v their pre determined targets.

During training of this program our consultants teach and mentor all staff to understand what the targets are, and why these targets are required for a sustainable business .

Planning and Scheduling of workloads to technicians in the collision repair industry has become a critical daily practice for a well-organized company.

Key points from this program are

  • Tracks the performance of staff in relation to the projected repair time allowance per repair order
  • Communicate between technician and management regarding repair order deviations or Supplementary repairs
  • Records labor performance against productivity and profit objectives.
  • Optimises workflow by scheduling repair orders to maximise operational potential with ease .