The initial KPI review is the foundation for all profit development programs.

Boss consultants work with the sites key staff through relevant issues towards the common goal of sustainable profitability and will clearly outline the key profit development opportunities for your business.

This review is a very in-depth assessment of your business, applying our expertise to what the clients business is capable of achieving and is based on Australian bodyshop benchmarks. We also have several accesses to other regional benchmarks from other countries

While the assessment will require the clients input and some discussions with key staff, there will be no disruption to the flow of work or business operations.

The following areas of business will be examined:

  • Average Repair Costs
  • Hours per vehicle per days
  •  Job Mix Analysis
  • Workshop Efficiency
  • Gross & Net Profit
  • Profit Leakage
  • Business Procedures
  • Management Controls
  • Technical Capabilities
  • Cash Flow
  • Costs & Overheads
  • Workshop Volumes
  • Management Information
  • Repair Workflows
  • Strengths & Opportunities
  • Constraints & Risks

The review will provide the client with:

  • Objective assessment of the current state of business
  • Analysis of what issues ‘cause’ their current financial position
  • Identification of profit opportunities for their business in all gross margin regions
  • Identification of their businesses strengths & weaknesses
  • Guidance & advice to build on strengths and eliminate weaknesses
  • Help with overcoming barriers to improvement
  • Prioritised action and change recommendations
  • High level route map to achieving profit performance objectives

The overview is more than a written report of visual display on our software program explaining how to improve the business and profit performance. It also provides clients with an expert for two full days to assist with the business. Our consultant provides guidance immediately and the advice provided during the review is invaluable.