Workshop Loading and Scheduling System

At the heart of an efficient repairer sits an effective workshop loading system run by the workshop controller.

It ensures that vehicles moves swiftly through the repair process and that each member of the productive team works efficiently in line with the production plan.

Our experience shows that most body shops operate in the 60% to 70% efficiency range. What this inevitably means is that business is operating on very low profitability, considerable overtime is required to complete jobs on time and the management of workflow is driven by competing business demands.

The OnTRAK Scheduling system is a detailed shop floor management system which aligns workflow to available resources. Boss consultants provide hands-on training, implementation and ongoing support.

Loading and Schedling work flow in the collision repair industry has become a true skill . This skill has become highly respected as an industry and with over 14 years of planning and scheduling training under our belt with over 120 site we can train your staff in the proficiency of workshop flow planning

This System is web based and can be accessed from any where in the world via any internet conecton .

We support MAC – Windows – Andriod