Platinum partners is our Premium Program for key business change . This program covers all critical items for strong sustainable business practice .

BOSs Australia Consultants Specialise In

Management Capability

Each member of the management team requires specific skills associated with their role and their group responsibilities.

The initial review uses diagnostic tools to accurately assess the skill levels of the management team members. We then offer appropriate training to ensure that each member of the team can make a strong contribution to the success of the business.

Delivery: Diagnostic assessment of functional capabilities.
Technical training to improve functional capabilities.

Benefits: Improved capabilities and performance for Estimators, Bodyshop Managers, Parts Procurement, Front Desk, Owner/General Manager, Quality Control.

Management Structure

The success of your business is never down to one person.

The establishment of an excellent management team with clearly defined responsibilities will allow your productive staff to generate sustainable profit for your business.

Boss Australia Services works with you to develop an organisational chart, define roles and responsibilities, develop effective communication and review processes, and develop an action planning system for issues resolution.

Delivery: Consulting with a range of templates for implementation.

Benefits: Improved control structure, reduced costs of failure, effective communications and clarity of responsibilities.

Business Planning

Provides you with a financial model and a high-level route map illustrating the priorities for business development.

These development steps are set out in a Business Plan that will guide you and your team through the transitional period as your business moves towards the target performance levels.

Boss Australia Services plans are living documents which will guide you through all of the actions required to achieve your profit objectives. They form the basis of reviewing progress and fine tuning operations.

Delivery: Consultant develops documented business / activity plans.

Benefits: Common understanding of business goals, business performance management, understanding costs & benefits, action plan timescales and documented responsibilities.

Management Information

Without targets, your Profit Development Plan has little meaning.

It is essential to know on a regular basis whether you are heading for success or whether additional action is required.

The Management Information module combines accurate and relevant targets with a mechanism for monitoring results in all key aspects of the business.
Consultants assess the capabilities of your business to generate information, and then train you how to set targets and use them to drive the performance of your business.

An essential best business practice.

Delivery: Consultant develops required systems, processes and capabilities, and trains relevant staff.

Benefits: Common understanding of business goals, managing what matters,, benchmarking best business practices, objective information for 3rd parties, results focused activity planning.

Cash Flow Management

The single biggest killer of small businesses and cause of sleepless nights is Cash Flow.

In conjunction with the business plan, we develop an accurate cash model to ensure that cash is managed in line with the needs of your business.
Boss Consultants assess payment patterns, identify reasons for late payments, review supplier arrangements, introduce effective credit management, review financing options and create a cash flow model to manage this vital part of your business.

Delivery: Consultant develops required systems, processes and capabilities, and trains relevant staff.

Benefits: Reduced cost of borrowing, forward visibility, reduced crisis management, reduced operating costs, better supplier relationships, improved control and investment returns.

Management Mentoring

It is not by luck that some businesses make money and some don’t.

Management Mentoring provides an insight into why businesses thrive, survive or die. Boss consultants work hands-on in the management of your business and develop the necessary skills in your team to manage a modern business.

We all learn from mistakes but it is no longer necessary to make your own mistakes to learn from them.

Boss Australia Services provides the opportunity for your business to learn what works and what doesn’t without put your business at risk, focusing on your priorities for success and leave you contemplating a profitable future.

Delivery: One-on-one training and mentoring with ongoing follow up toward the set goals.

Benefits: Improved management capabilities for selected management team members, minimising lost opportunities and costly errors.

Occupational Health & Safety.

Increasing pressures to improve the safety of your workforce have seen the increased targeting of bodyshops for workplace compliance to safety standards.

While Occupational Health & Safety can be a daunting task for any business owner but the potential downside in term of fines and personal accountability is enormous.

Boss have the experience to guide you through the complexities of these issues. This module will address all OH&S requirements for your business such as Dangerous Goods, Hazardous Substances, Emergency Procedures, Staff Training, and provide guidance for compliance to government regulations.
It makes sound business sense to implement an OH&S policy.

Delivery: Consultant compliance review and recommendations for outsourced specialist requirements.

Benefits: Minimisation of risk exposure for business, decrease personal liability exposure, safer workplace and legislative compliance.

2. Workshop Productivity

Booking and Scheduling

Your front office is the face of your business.

It deals with your customers and balances their needs with your productive capacity. With ever increasing demands for customer service it is essential that front-end processes are customer friendly and efficient. Creating neither undue delay nor unrealistic expectations.

The Boss Booking Diary module linked to the On Trak scheduling system will assess your current processes, define improvements and establish processes which will ensure best business practices for you and your customers.

Your Booking Diary integrates with the workflow processes in workshop and ensures customers are kept informed of repair progress via automated emails and text.

Delivery: Consultant review and development of improved process.

Benefits: Improved turnaround times, visibility of work volumes, balance work volumes, improved cash flow and higher customer satisfaction.

Effective Work Practices

Your productive staff and their ability to complete repairs drive the success of your business. Productive staff organised as an effective team with clearly defined responsibilities will allow them to generate sustainable profit for the business.

This module provides for detailed appraisal of current work practices including productive staff, non productive staff, roles and responsibilities, accountability, management, subcontracting, outsourcing and communications. Boss Australia Services consultants provide a hands-on service to rectify unprofitable practices and put systems in place suited to your workplace.

Delivery: Consultant assessment, resolution development, documentation of work practices, implementation of changes and on-going support.
Benefits: Improved productivity, accountability, and resource balance and labour margins.

Workshop Loading System

At the heart of an efficient repairer sits an effective workshop loading system run by the workshop controller.
It ensures that vehicles moves swiftly through the repair process and that each member of the productive team works efficiently in line with the production plan.

Our experience shows that most body shops operate in the 60% to 70% efficiency range. What this inevitably means is that business is operating on very low profitability, considerable overtime is required to complete jobs on time and the management of workflow is driven by competing business demands.
The ON Trak Scheduling system is a detailed shop floor management system which aligns workflow to available resources. Boss consultants provide hands-on training, implementation and ongoing support (Please refer ON Trak Tab for further details)

Delivery: Consultant implementation of the ESP Program, one-on-one training and ongoing support.

Benefits: Increased productive hours per vehicle, increase throughput capacity, reduced repair turnaround times, reduced downtime, increased productivity and improved profitability.

Employee Reward & Recognition

Incentive schemes are not new to the Repair trade.

However they have traditionally been less than successful in producing consistently high levels of performance across the productive workforce. Boss ensure that your selected incentive scheme blends with the business plan to create a highly motivated productive team.

This module ensures all staff opinions are accommodated in the development of a mutually beneficial performance incentive scheme. Good communication practices are essential to provide a functional scheme which recognises performance at both individual and team levels, contribution to the business’ financial performance.

Boss Australia Services expertise in these schemes eliminates perceived risks by staff members and through a trial and refinement process introduces a pain free implementation a reward and recognition scheme.

Delivery: Consultant assessment, integration with staff, development of scheme and implementation with ongoing support.
Benefits: Improved productivity, mutual reward system and better labour margins, aligned to business plan objectives.

Technical Training

Each member of your productive team needs specific technical skills.

While no doubt you have a very capable team in your workshop the continual development of vehicle manufacture technology and repair methods, it is increasingly important to keep abreast of technical skill requirements.

Appropriate training provides results in increased productivity and consistent, balanced performance in all areas. Boss uses diagnostic tools to match operational skills against industry benchmarks and follows up with relevant hands-on training. This ensures that each member of the team can make a strong contribution to the success of the business.

Training can often been sourced from supply companies at little or no cost and with our alignment with most suppliers we can play an active role in the support program

Delivery: Consultant assesses technical capabilities, makes training requirement recommendations and delivers individual and group training.

Benefits: Improved skill levels, high quality workmanship, reduced reworks, reduced complaints and improved productivity.

Cost Control

Understanding the cost drivers in your business is an essential component of eliminating profit leakage.

Your business profits rely on how much money is left after you have paid all costs associated to running your business. Being the last to get paid often begs the question is it all worth the effort. So it is imperative to understand how to control costs because every dollar saved goes directly to your bottom line.

This module examines booking process, estimating, parts, paint, payment to staff, quality control, management information, compliance, fixed assets, stock and cash control as end to end business processes.

Boss consultants identify cost saving opportunities and put in place a standard control framework to ensure relevant information is available to support and manage cost control initiatives. A cost reduction plan is provided with on-going support to achieve targets.

Delivery: Consultant review and development of improved process.

Benefits: Cost savings, reduced leakage, improved margins and higher profitability.

Business Overheads

Each business has a unique overhead structure dependent on the nature of its business and ownership of assets.

An understanding of these overheads and how they impact on your profitability is required if you are to maximise the return available from your business.
Boss consultants examine your overheads against Australian and New Zealand benchmarks and determine appropriate ratios from which to plan your business activities. Issues such as productive vs non productive staff, average overhead per repaired vehicle and appropriate staffing levels for your business are analysed with recommendations for action.

While all recommendations are aligned to your business needs, the are also driven by achievable targets in Australian market conditions.

This module is generally provided in conjunction with Module 3.1 – Cost Control.

Delivery: Consultant review, report and recommendations.

Benefits: Cost savings and higher margins.

Staff Contracts

Clear understandings of mutual responsibilities is increasingly becoming necessary as we the industry moves to tighter employment regulations.

Modern recruitment practices, workplace regulations and termination requirements mean that a binding staff contract is now a necessity rather than an option. Staff contracts enable better control of wages and employment costs by protect both the employer and employee in all circumstances.

MRM tailor a range of staff contracts and can negotiate on your behalf on all staff issues. Boss also offer staff recruitment services.

Delivery: Tailored staff contracts, position descriptions, terms and condition of employment and staff recruitment services.

Benefits: Controlled and structured work environment.

Supplier Relationships

Supplier provide a primary input into the services your business provides, so it is important to carefully manage your relationships with suppliers. Understanding how you can best work with your supplier for mutual gain is critical . A deal is not always a deal and can become detrimental towards the end gaol of better pricing. This Boss Australia Services module provide advices and guidance in negotiation of supply arrangements, assessment of alternative supply lines, annual review processes and ensuring your business is getting value from supply chians .

Delivery: Consultant review, supplier contracts and

Benefits: Long terms relationships based on mutial gain not at the cost of the other party