Further expansion of BOSs …….

It is with great pleasure that we confirm the appointment of a remote estimating service (RES) . This new service is in addition to the front desk relief staff member we commenced last week out of Queensland 

BOSs can now perform a professional service in terms of producing estimates for your business by a fulltime and fully qualified estimator.

This service can be used whenever you get busy or fall behind on your estimate list . Alternatively if you would like an estimate performed every now and again the service will suit you well .

Think of how much time you will save each day having some of your quotes being written for you and what you can do with that time managing your teams.

This service is provided with many years of experience with Audanet should you work provider use this system.

Our services include knowledge of the IAG PCM process / Allianz Fast Track and Parts Check. 

So if you have your manager on holidays or off sick , simply email info@bossaustraliaservices.com.au and we will set you up as a user and walk you thought the simple process to use the service.