A & L Smash Repairs

Alan Shotton has worked with our team since January 2019.

Our business was in need of help after some serious losses in labour sales. Alan took it all in his stride and set to work on getting us back on track.  We started up immediately with the ONTrak workshop planner and Alan worked out what we needed to do and constantly kept track of our progress.

We have seen our labour sales grow by 30% which is amazing.

Alan has been at our beck and call for the past 5 months and has spent the last 2 weeks in our shop, assisting with quoting during our estimators’ annual leave.

Alan has integrated with our team and gives us his undivided attention when he’s onsite.

We consider Alan a part of our team and are very grateful for everything he’s done and is busy doing for us.


Karen Dyer


Longley Panelbeaters


We have had the BOSs program in for a couple of years now and have seen an increase in my production of 20% Plus .

My team are looking for the feedback and guidance of the production results they are achieve . They are a lot more intuned to the commercial side of how this company works .

On Trak KPI is a big part of our business and with Alan’s attention to detail we have identified several key areas for improvement that we have not only overcome but we have maintained this improvement with.

I’m very happy with my results and recommend Alan ,

Excellent program and results speak for themselves …..




Longley Panelbeaters – Auckland NZ

John Geange Smash Repairs

We at John Geange Smash Repairs have found the Boss system extremely user friendly.

With the initial training we received from Allan Shotton we had no trouble implementing the system. Allan ran through the program with our employees & gained consensus of the scheduling, time card system from day one. It was communicated to our employees that it would not work without a “team” acceptance. Allan also communicated that management knows we won’t win on every job & that some time or other some employees will have high results & others will be lower, the nature of jobs can be responsible for that occurring. Our team were happy with that. We have found the card system to be hassle free & transparent. You can visually see the board filling up.

I have been in the industry 40years and owned my own business for 30years and have used & tried different methods for production scheduling. I have found the Boss system to be the easiest & most effective I have used and would recommend it to any business looking for a system to manage their production. The Boss system does not consume as much time as some other methods I tried.

We had productivity improvements within the first month of using the Boss System & are getting better all the time, in fact we can schedule more work now, with less staff members.

John Geange
John Geange Smash Repairs

Inland Motor Body

Alan Shotton from Boss Australia Services and the ESP OnTrak program have been an integral components in the growth and success of our business.

Alan and the On Trak program have helped to greatly increase both shop productivity and profitability by highlighting our business’s strengths and weaknesses and helping to implement changes to ensure our continued growth.

The easy of use from his program and system ensures that you are maximizing your billable hours and increases shop floor efficiency and productivity.

Alan is very generous in sharing his extensive knowledge and is genuine in his desire to see his clients achieve the best outcomes possible. He has assisted our staff to become mindful of their impact to production and there is a healthy respect for Alan that is both professional and personal .

A big thanks to Alan for helping us to ‘future proof’ our business and increase to our bottom line. We look forward to a long and successful business partnership between BOSS and Inland Motor Body Works

Brahim Body Works

Our company has worked with Alan Shotton for many years . Alan is an integral part of our company and plays a role that has become a key part of our companies operating methods. I find Alan’s experience to be a motivator for my staff and I to maintain constant improvements

My staff love the planner and rely on the guidance of this system everyday.
I also use the On Trak KPI program that helps me track my overall KPI performance for my own financial targets and then I can also check how I performed against the industry with the simple click of a button

Great program and we trust and endorse Alan

Douglas and Miller Smash Repairs

We have used the BOSs Australia Scheduling Program for many years and have found this tool to be exactly what we needed to help plan and allocate the work loads for our staff. We repair around 40 Vehicle’s per week of a larger impact size and tracking the performance of staff and production is a critical component to our companies profit performance.

I find that our staff has worked well with the program and with it being less complicated than others on the market staff is responsive towards change.
With Alans attention to detail with our budgets and shop rate settings we are assured our companies performance is heading in the right direction.

Gawler Body Works – South Australia

We have worked very closely with Alan Shotton and members of his team since Nov 2015 and prior to that Alan has worked with me on work provision contracts. Alan and his team bring a wealth of industry and business based knowledge to our company and staff.

Alan and I speak regularly to ensure all my budgets and key performance indicators are tracked correctly .

Alan works with my staff as well with coaching and business development methods . This training has been invaluable with my staff responding positively to Alan’s coaching and style each time we all meet.

We use and endorsee the BOSs Scheduling program as well, and work be lost without it, our production is up by 20% from the moment we joined

I recommend BOSs Australia and Alan, 2 thumbs up.